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Small Potato Hospitality Consultants

Small Potato Hospitality Consultants

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Small Potato LTD is a “one-stop-shop”, hospitality consulting and management firm that provides solutions to your businesses operational needs. We work with establishments of all types and sizes with restaurants ranging from Quick Service (QSR) to Fine Dining. Small Potato LTD is providing start-up, expansion, turnaround, design, concept development and expert advice to Restaurants, Bars and (Members) Clubs in the hospitality industry.

Who we Work With

At Small Potato LTD we pride ourselves on working with restaurants who want to turn their concepts into maximum success. We're specialized in concepts of all types and sizes, and our experience ranges from consulting for QSR - Franchise joints to fine dining restaurants and everything in between. If it’s part of the restaurant and hospitality world, we know about it and can help you with it. Consulting is our passion.

We’re specialized in helping startup and existing owners to create viable brands that will attract repeat business. Our consulting services provide support from day one. We can work with you to develop a business plan, collaborate with site architects and select the best equipment. As a new restaurant owner, there’s nothing more valuable than having mentors who understand how everything comes together for operational success.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to any type of (hospitality) business, business size and budget.

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Existing Restaurant-Turn Around

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Startup Restaurant Consulting

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Restaurant, Kitchen
and Bar Design

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Profit Minding Consulting

Serving the best food around doesn't mean much if you can't turn a profit doing it. Our goal is to find solutions that will build repeat business for your restaurant and increase overall profits. We make operational analysis a priority because it's the cornerstone of meaningful improvements. It means making the most of your menu and streamlining operations to cut costs. It's what we do best because we've walked the walk for over 30 years in the hospitality industry ourselves.

Consultants with proven results

Not many restaurant consultants will go out on a limb and say that they almost always see results, but we will. That's because of our proven track record. While no one can make every concept work or rescue every failing restaurant, we're confident that you'll be pleased with our approach.

Have a look at our hospitality consulting solutions to find out more about how we can help you increase profits and productivity while reducing costs. Once you're comfortable with what we do, get in touch so we can talk about your concept.

Whether you're opening a small cafe or want to revive your existing property, we're here to provide you with proven consulting services.

Small Potato Blog

Why you Need a Restaurant Designer

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Foodservice is a booming business category, and therefore restaurant consultants have become more of interest and revered as a sought-after industry. But not all restaurant designers and consultants are created equally – it is wise to conduct thorough interviews and hire someone that aligns well with your overall business goals and brand identity...

Same Height Control

Creating a Successful Restaurant Business Plan

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A solid business plan is the critical first step in getting funding for your restaurant. Many entrepreneurs struggle with this aspect. You are not alone! The pristine vision you have for your future business will now become numbers on reports for potential lenders. Although a business plan does not convey all of your original ideas, your financial plan is the first formal step to your dream.


Cost Controls to Save Your Bar and Restaurant

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Food and Beverage is a relative term concerning a large part of the hospitality industry, and what goes into the development of these critical aspects of the bar and restaurant business involves much more than typical startup costs. Whether a corporate bar & bistro, or a privately owned sports pub, the controls used to keep the bar and food costs in check is crucial for overall success.


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